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40+ Anyone Exercise During TWW Then BFP - 35+ Moms | Forums | What to Expect (1)

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Hi all! Been getting lots of info and good feelings from this message board and this is my first post:)

I'm trying to conceive #1 naturally at this advanced age. Tho about to go see an RE as soon as I can get in. I'm on every possible supplement, taking spirulina, fertility tea (without vitex because my cycles are very regular), do accupuncture. But my question is about exercise. I workout a LOT and have very good cardio. I do boxing and surfing and can carry on a conversation while jumping rope, hitting the bag, etc.

The last cycle my OBGYN confirmed that my eggs are good (happily surprised!) Still waiting on my SO's results... I didn't want to take any chances with my good egg this cycle, so immediately after ovulation, I totally stopped my exercise routine, and only did super light yoga and walking. I didn't get my BFP and the results on my health we're pretty rough. I was extra stressed, had hours of insomnia every night, felt cold all the time, and was super exhausted.

So I started wondering if not keeping up with exercise adversely effected my prospects with added stress and less circulation. (My accupuncturist said my circulation does need some help tho also said no exercise during tww)

So I was wondering if there are any 40+ folks out there who kept up their exercise regime and still able to conceive? Any advice?



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40+ Anyone Exercise During TWW Then BFP - 35+ Moms | Forums | What to Expect (2)


I was doing HIIT classes 5 days a week when I conceived (35 yo) and continued throughout most of my pregnancy. Who said you should stop during TWW?




wow! that's so good to hear! it was my accupuncturist who said no exercise at all which was really tough. were you doing high impact stuff? jump rope? I'm excited to bring it back in!

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40+ Anyone Exercise During TWW Then BFP - 35+ Moms | Forums | What to Expect (3)



jumping isn’t recommended during pregnancy. But you can do just about anything that’s not jumping or sit ups and such because it could cause ab separation. But I was doing jumping moves during my work outs before I tested positive. No issues.

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I got pregnant keeping up with my workout regimen, I'm 39. I've always thought exercise was good for everything pregnancy related. This baby was actually a complete surprise. I go to the gym and do weights. I've kept up with my exercises until recently (8 months) because I'm completely exhausted.

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This is sooo encouraging! I feel more affirmed on the choice to keep working out

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They told me to keep my workout routine otherwise my body could react opposite so it could have adverse effects. Have you made sure your hormones are balanced and that you're actually ovulating (not just getting a positive opk)?

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That's so interesting about the adverse effects. I definitely felt that. How do you find out if your hormones are balanced? Same thing with ovulating? Seems like these would be so important to know

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They said basically keep your same routine. If you workout, continue. If you don't, don't suddenly start a vigorous routine. Blood tests help determine the rest. I was on supplements to help balance my hormones (natural ones). Also, most are unaware that women do t ovulate every single month.

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I think it depends on your personal situation. I’m pretty lean and my acupuncturist also recommended gentler exercise to maximize fertility. Not stopping by any means but not high intensity stuff everyday. If you’re doing anything related to hormones with them they’ll often recommend changing activity with your cycle (luteal phase tends to be less high energy etc). But it’s very individual. I was a little depleted to be honest and the very intense exercise was just an added stress on my body at a time when that wasn’t needed. I felt very healthy but it wasn’t the best thing for my hormones. They have their own unique set of needs apparently!

I still jogged, did strength stuff, cycled, swam…still very active just trying to tax my system a little less. Basically they just want your body to feel as supported as possible which is why they’ll also often steer you away from cold or raw foods and towards warming, grounding foods, good fats etc. And why they recommend going easy on anything that puts more pressure on your adrenals. Even though there are plenty of people who have no issue at all, at our age they probably just want to make sure we have as much working for us as possible.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think stopping for that one luteal phase would have made any difference to your chances as our hormones typically take a little longer to adjustto those kinds of changes. Going cold turkey doesn’t sound fun though - so maybe there’s a happy middle ground to be found. Good luck!

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Makes sense that it would have to be a longer change to make a difference. And yes that's exactly the kind of advice my accupuncturist was giving me! The warm foods, keeping my feet warm, etc, which kept me out of the ocean. But then I was missing a key activity that was bringing a lot of joy and happiness.

I like this idea of keeping up the activity but just not pushing extra hard. That makes a lot more sense to me- balancing out activity that has a lot of health benefits.

Sounds like I need to find out more about my hormones, and keep the exercise in the meantime.

Thank you guys! I'm learning a lot and have a better idea of how to move forward

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While you are still TTC you can continue with your exercise routine but once you take in i would suggest taking it nice and easy. Talking from experience I had my baby at 42 after 4 miscarriages. Every time I got pregnant I worked out 5 days a week, weight lifting and all. At about 12 weeks I would lose the baby because it stopped growing at 6 weeks. Luckily I conceived my son and switched the gym for a walk and run in the park because I knew if I step inside the gym ,I will be tempted to go heavy and hard. My pregnancy stayed and I gave birth to my son in October. It may have been a coincident but It didn't end as the other 4 pregnancies. I know they advice to ontinue working out but you know your body better than anyone else. With our age extra care needs to be taken just to be on the safe side . Good luck ??

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Ooooh this is really good to know! Hopefully will get to that stage soon and if I do would be very happy to take it easy!

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