Apply for an owner builder permit (2023)


Apply for an owner builder permit (1)

There are several steps to follow to apply for an owner builder permit.

How to apply

(Video) How To Pull Your Own Building Permits As A Homeowner

Be aware that you must follow a different process if you have:

  • held a permit within the last 6 years
  • already finished the work.

Follow the process below to apply for an owner builder permit.

  1. Check you need a permit

    You need an owner builder permit if you want to undertake or supervise a building project valued at more than $11,000 (including GST) on:

    • your own land
    • company-owned land if you are one of the company directors
    • land that you lease (if you have written permission from the land owner).

    Note — for farm buildings the value of work can be up to $27,500.

    Check that your project can be done by an owner builder

  2. Check eligibity

    To be eligible to obtain an owner builder permitto build on your property you must be a

    • person listed on the property title
    • company director (if the property is company-owned)
    • lessee (if the property is leased).

    Other restrictions apply— make sure you check whether these apply to you.

  3. Estimate value of the work

    You canestimate the value of your workby adding the cost of all materials and labour you need to finish your project.

    Notethat you must work out the trade price for these items, including GST, and must calculate the cost of the work based on what a QBCC-licenced contractor would charge, even if you are getting the work done for free.

    (Video) What is an Owner Builder Permit? (Permit Pro Tips) | 305-300-0364

  4. Complete required courses or gain an exemption

    One of the applicants must complete an owner builder course or obtain a course exemption before they can apply. You may also need to complete an asbestos awareness certificate.

    Your owner builder course cannot be more than 5 years old.

    Check to see which courses are needed for your owner builder project and whether you qualify for an exemption. You need to get course exemptions approvedbeforeyou submit your application.

  5. Gather supporting documents

    You need to obtain and attach these documents to your application:

    • proof of land ownership — an original or certified copy of a current Title Search or Registration Confirmation Statement (no more than 30 days old) fromTitles Queensland, or a copy of these documents emailed directly from them
    • a copy of yourowner builder coursecompletion certificate (no more than 5 years old)ora QBCC letter granting youexemption approval
    • proof of identity — a copy certified by a Justice of the Peace, a Commissioner of Declarations or a lawyer, of one of the following:
      • driver's licence
      • proof of age card
      • passport
      • birth certificate
    • or as an existing QBCC licensee:
      • QBCC licence number (this replaces your need for proof of identity and for an Owner Builder Course Completion certificate)
    • or a copy of the QBCC approval letter if you've been granted an exemption to obtain another owner builder permit within 6 years.

    Additional documents for companies

    If you are applying as a company, you must also supply:

    • all company directors' names and signatures on the application form
    • and, either a current or historical company extract.

    Additional documents for lease holders

    If you are applying as a lease holder you must also supply:

    • the land owner's details
    • proof of the land ownership, no older than 30 days (e.g. Title) fromTitles Queensland
    • a copy of the lease agreement, licence, or authority from the owner
    • a letter from the owner giving you permission to carry out work at the property under an owner builder permit. The letter must include a full description of the work you intend to do under the permit.

    Additional documents for owners finishing work from a certain building stage

    If you are applying for a permit to complete a new dwelling from a particular stage (e.g. a QBCC-licensed builder was contracted to build the dwelling to the enclosed stage and you want to complete the dwelling) you must also supply:

    • a copy of the contract between you, as the owner, and the QBCC-licensed builder.
  6. Provide plan of your work

    You must provide a detailed description of the work being performed under your owner builder permit. This must include any additional features such as carports, swimming pools, pergolas etc.

    If you do not provide enough detail on your application form we will ask you to provide additional information before we can approve your permit. We will do this by email.

    If you have already started the work you need to tell us what work you have already done and what work you plan to do.

    Be aware of the details we require for different work being carried out.

    New dwellings

    • number of bedrooms
    • number of bathrooms
    • number of storeys
    • main construction material (e.g. brick veneer, timber etc.)

    Build brick veneer, 3-bedroom 2-storey house with ensuite and rumpus room. Double carport, pergola and inground fibreglass swimming pool included.


    The details and purpose of your renovation/alteration/extension/addition, including:

    • swimming pools (in-ground, above-ground, concrete etc.)
    • garages or carports (single or double etc.)
    • shed (size and intended use).
    • Complete a new dwelling previously built by a QBCC-licensed builder to a stage defined in the contract.
    • The new work is all internal lining, architraves, cornices, skirting, doors to rooms, wet area fit outs, floor tiling, built-in shelves, cabinets and cupboards, internal and external painting, double carport and pergola.
    • Raise existing house, building in underneath to include a rumpus, additional bedroom and bathroom.
    • Extend existing house, building deck and entertainment area and study.
  7. Download and complete form

    (Video) How to Build a House By Yourself, the Building Permit Process Ep.1

    The owner builder permit application form must be completed and signed byallowners, lessees or company directors.

    Ensure everyone fills out the form

    The person who has completed the owner builder course is known as the Nominated Permit Holder and puts their name first on the form.

    If you own the property in joint names each owner must complete and sign the application form. If you are applying as a lessee, all lessees identified in the lease agreement must provide their details.

    If a company owns the land where the work is to be performed the application must be made in the company's name and include the names and signatures ofallcompany directors.

    If more than four people are applying you must attach a separate list identifying the additional applicants.

    Include a valid email address

    If we have any questions about your application we will email you.

    Please include a valid email address and check it periodically in case we need additional information.

    Owner Builder Permit Application form (PDF 74.91KB)

  8. Pay fees and lodge the application

    When complete, lodge your application with us and pay the application fee:

    • in person at aQBCC service centre– you can pay the fees via eftpos
    • bymail – include your credit card details on the form (Mastercard and Visa only).

What happens next?

It usually takes up to four weeks for us to process your application.

You can't begin any work on your site (including excavation works) until you have the owner builder permit.

Your certifier won't be able to sign off on any plans until they have sighted the owner builder permit.

If we have any questions about your application we will email you. Make sure you include avalid email addresson your application and check it regularly for updates.

Image Rules for previous owner builders In most cases you can only have one owner builder permit every 6 years.
(Video) First steps before becoming an owner builder.
Image If work is already completed We can send you a letter to give to your private certifier or local council.
  • Owner build
  • About owner building
  • Owner builder responsibilities
  • Apply for a permit

    • Apply for a permit
    • Rules for previous owner builders
    • If work is already completed
  • Required courses
  • Fees for owner builders
  • Change, replace or surrender your owner builder permit
  • Sell an owner builder property

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Can a homeowner pull a building permit in Alabama? ›

We've stated before that homeowner's should ask if the contractor is licensed by the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board (AL-HBLB), especially for work that is $10,000 or more. For any major construction or repairs on your home, permits must be pulled by a licensed contractor.

Do I need a home builders license in Alabama? ›

Alabama law requires that each individual who is engaged in residential construction in the State of Alabama to be licensed.

How do I get my Alabama homebuilders license? ›

In order to obtain a State of Alabama Home Builders License, one must: Complete the appropriate application form and return the notarized application with a check or money order made payable to the Home Builders Licensure Board in the amount of the application processing fee plus the applicable license fee.

How long does it take to get Alabama home builders license? ›

Processing of an application, including receipt of the application with required documentation, test scores and credit reports or bond information, and review by the Board takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

How much do building permits cost in Alabama? ›

Download application. Permit fee: For the construction value of $1 - $1,000, $50 fee, plus $8.50 per thousand or fraction thereof over $1,000.

What requires a building permit in Alabama? ›

Any and all new construction projects require a building permit including the placement of moved homes, manufactured homes, recreational vehicle connections or any accessory structure including a pre-fabricated storage building on skids. See What to Bring.

How do I start my own builder? ›

How To Start A Construction Company In India
  1. • Draft A Plan. Create an extensive business plan before starting operations, which includes everything related to your business model. ...
  2. Obtain The License and Registration. ...
  3. Setup The Infrastructure. ...
  4. Hire Staff. ...
  5. Initial Capital.
Nov 23, 2022

How much work can you do without a contractor license in Alabama? ›

As an overview, “construction” is defined broadly in Alabama. To that end, per the licensing statute, anyone working on a construction project under a contract with costs exceeding $50,000 (or $5,000 for a swimming pool project) needs to be licensed with the state's Licensing Board for General Contractors.

Can I be my own general contractor in Alabama? ›

The Alabama State Licensing Board for General Contractors requires that you register your business and have a license through the Secretary of State if performing any contracting work as a business entity — along with tax and workers' compensation documentation.

What is a limited home builders license Alabama? ›


A Limited Licensee is an individual who specializes in a single construction trade and whose work does not affect the structural integrity of the residence. An Unlimited Licensee may be an individual, a partnership, corporation, Limited Liability Company or non-profit organization.

Does a Handyman need a contractors license in Alabama? ›

You don't need a handyman license in Alabama to operate as a Handyman, but if you're planning to take on larger projects, a contractor's license will be required to stay within the law.

What certificate does a builder need? ›

Builders' certifications

Health and safety certificates (these should be from approved certifiers such as CHAS and Constructionline) Joinery certificates. Wood occupations certificates. Electrotechnical technology installation certificates.

How much does it cost to build your own house in Alabama? ›

On average, building a custom home in Alabama will cost $90 to $137 per square foot, while building a tract home in Alabama will cost $70 to $90 per square foot.

Is the Alabama Home Builders Test open book? ›

The Home Builder examinations are delivered in an Open Book format, meaning that you are permitted to bring the various approved references into the testing center when you take your examinations.

How many questions are on the Alabama Home Builders test? ›

To pass the Skills portion of the Alabama Home Builder Exam, you must answer 80 questions in 4 hours. This course will prepare you for the Skill exam portion of the exam as outlined in the ProV Candidate Bulletin.

Can a homeowner pull a permit for electrical work in Alabama? ›

Electrical permits are required for all electrical work, whether repairs or new installations. A licensed Master Electrician or the property owner must perform the work. Prerequisites for obtaining an Electrical Permit are as follows: A building permit, if applicable.

Do I need a permit to replace my roof in Alabama? ›

The State of Alabama also requires a license when the cost of materials and labor for the repair or replacement of a residential roof is $2,500.

Do I need a permit to build a shed in Mobile Alabama? ›

Almost any work done in Mobile County, whether residential or commercial, requires a permit.

Does a handyman need a license in Alabama? ›

You don't need a handyman license in Alabama to operate as a Handyman, but if you're planning to take on larger projects, a contractor's license will be required to stay within the law.

What electrical work am I allowed to do at home? ›

Minor electrical work is what you can carry out in your own home. These are jobs such as: Adding socket outlets to an existing circuit. Installing outside sockets from an existing circuit.
This includes such things as:
  • Full house rewire.
  • Fuse box replacement.
  • Work carried out in a special location.
  • Wiring a new circuit.
Sep 29, 2021


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